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GNU FreeFont 20080323 釋出

1 GNU FreeFont 20080323 釋出
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Main technical improvements

Brought into line with Debian ttf-freefont

Updated file format to Spline Font Database (SFD) 2 (so now we can use
recent versions of FontForge)

The recent versions of FontForge are much superior to those of acouple
of years ago. Besides being much more stable, they now do quite
thorough checking for font problems. Thanks to George!

Line height improved
        (it is still slightly increased: see discussion below)

Glyph outlines in Windows are now good
        (see discussion below)
Now works in Windows and Mac OS
        I have installed and used it in Windows Vista, and it has been tested
on Mac OS X

Path problems fixed
        open paths
        intersecting paths
        outermost paths not clockwise
        no control point at path vert. or horiz. extrema
        flipped references
        mixed references and contours
        many "points too close" fixed

Lookup table (ATT) problems
        especially in Sans: Indic ranges were a complete mess

        all faces now pass FontForge validate

Back layer
        removed all back layers: fixed "ghost glyph" in printing

Font Info: Manufacturer (like OS/2 Vendor ID) is now GNU
        Copyright date updated


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