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[feature request] 更多 anthy 功能

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1. gcin 尚未實作的 hotkeys:

F8 = 把 buffer 內容轉成 half-width characters (half-width Katakana or regular Latin alphabets depending on the previous state)

Shift+F8 = 把 buffer 內容轉成 half-width Katakana

F9 = 把 buffer 內容轉成 wide-width Latin alphabets

F10 = 把 buffer 內容轉成 regular Latin alphabets

F6 = 把 buffer 內容轉成 Hiragana

連續按下 F9F10 = buffer 內容轉換大小寫,例如 home > HOME > Home.

2. 片假名模式 (直接輸入全形或半形片假名,不用按 space)

Ctrl+period = cycles through three Japanese input modes i.e. Hiragana, Katakana and Half-width Katakana

Ctrl+comma = cycles through all including Latin and Wide Latin.

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