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AndAlarm Q&A


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AndAlarm combines calendar And Alarm. It is better and easier to use.

Q: The differences between AndAlarm and Android built-in Calendar.
- Android's built-in cell-based Calendar is more suitable for dentist-like. You have to scroll to the cell to enter an activity. Office workers usually have fixed major jobs. There aren't many activities. Grid-based calendar displays a lot of blank and the size of text is small. AndAlarm sorts activities by today, tomorrow, week. Items are displayed more clearly. Usually there is no need to scroll to view it.
- minimize clicks & drag
- The seconds, vibration, playing volume, mp3(music or recorded speech) of notification alarm can be set individually. You don't have to worry miss alarms.
- More. Read below

Q: The simplest way to use AndAlarm as an alarm clock for waking up in the morning
A: Main screen -> menu button -> Alarm of days of week

Q: I want to wake up later on holidays. If I turn off the alarm, it is very likely I may forget to turn on the alarm.
A: In the main screen. Menu → Edit Holidays. Add holidays to the list. Check the "Holiday Off" checkbox of the wake-up activity.

Q: Sometimes I want to take one or several days off. I want to wake up later. What should I do ?
A: If the "Weekly" checkbox is checked, the '+-' buttons are enabled. You can use '+' buttons to delay the next wake-up date. One for all. You don't have to worry you forget to turn on the alarm.

Q: I like AndAlarm can alarm with different music on days of week, but the main screen displays 5 activities. Because it is weekly, it should not be displayed.

A: Main screen → Menu button → Settings → Hide Weekly Activities. You can view the entire list with Main screen → Menu button → Display All.

Q: Some activities repeat randomly(e.g. buy something). I don't want to enter them each time.

A: Main screen → The H (History) icon at the top left corner. This will list the old activities and you can edit one. You can change the number of months to preserve, up to one year.

Q: I will use a new phone or reset the state to the initial. Can I transfer the data of AndAlarm ?
A: Main screen → Menu button → Export Data。 It will save the data as AndAlarm.zip and you can e-mail it. Then you can import the AndAlarm.zip。

Q: What's the 00 00 00 after 'Remind Before' in Add activity ? 
A: If you want to alarm at the specified time, leave the 00 00 00 unchanged. If you input 10 5 0, it will alarm at 10 and 5 minutes before the specified time. The time (0) is not alarmed, you would not want to alarm at the start of meeting.

Q: What's 'Minutes' in 'Add activity' ?
A: AndAlarm can check the overlap of time period of activities, so the duration is need. You can ignore it if you don't want this function.

Q: What do the foreground colors of activities in the main screen represent?
A: grey:past white:future yellow:weekly cyan:monthly

Q: I'd like to use the same mp3, volume, playing seconds. Can I set the default value ?
A: On the screen of 'PlaySettings', check 'Save as Default for future use'.

Q: What's 'Grab Audio Focus' ?
A: Shutdown other audio source including FM radio. It may result in the turn-off of FM radio on some phones, so you may need to turn on manually.

Q: There are too many items in the 'Week/Other' categories.
A: Long click 'Week/Other' or select 'Long term' in the menu to open the long-term list.

Q: What's 'By GPS' ?
A: Activated By GPS. Specify the area with Google map when you add a new entry. When the alarm time is up, it will check if the location is within the area. If it matches, it will ring. If there is no match, it will check continuously for one hour. You'd better test it before you actually use it because GPS signal may be too weak. This function is useful for commuters to avoid oversleeping on a bus and speeding ticket.

Q: I'd like to display the upcoming events on the desktop/panel.
A:AndAlarm support widget display, with 4x2, 4x1, 3x1 and 2x1 size。 

Q: Where is the monthly alarm?
A: Menu button:→ Monthly alarm.

Q: Incremental-volume music playing (Volume↑ seconds)
A: If you don't like the feeling of shock, you can use this to increase the volume gradually, from the minimum to the volume you specify.

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