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[Linux Mint 14] Cannot switch input in gcin

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Hi, I am using Linux Mint 14 Mate.


I want to type chinese traditional so I installed gcin.


I can't switch to quick or any other input. I tried the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+- for quick. If I click the EN button and choose another input, it still show EN. If I click the half-size button and change it to full size, I can choose another input and it shows correctly, however, it still type English only.


I've tried it in Linux Mint 14 Mate and KDE, both didn't work.

I remember when I am in Linux Mint 13 Mate, it is working properly.


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Please refer to

Ubuntu 12.10/12.04

I think it's the simplest way.

If it still doesn't work, refer to

Linux/X window gcin 無法使用的檢查事項

Do NOT install im-config. If you did, you have to recover a file manually.

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