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[轉] Re: [筆記][FreeBSD][Perl] Out of memory during "large" request


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 作者  Edward (蒙古大夫 2.0)                                看板  kevinblue  
 標題  Re: [筆記][FreeBSD][Perl] Out of memory during "large" request        
 時間  Fri Jan 18 16:43:19 2008                                              

※ 引述《kevinblue (FreeBSD傷腦中)》之銘言:
> ※ 引述《Edward (蒙古大夫 2.0)》之銘言: 
> > kern.maxdsiz="1073741824"            
> > kern.dfldsiz="1073741824"
> > kern.maxssiz="134217728"
> >   這些都不會出現在 sysctl -a。以前有問過人,但忘了答案(@_@),
> >   要翻一下筆記。                                              
> 改成 2G, 512M 就可以了 = =
> 光個 parser 就秏這麼大的記憶體我也不太想用了 @@

  他只是系統 per-process limit 的限制。

<quote from /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES>
# FreeBSD processes are subject to certain limits to their consumption
# of system resources.  See getrlimit(2) for more details.  Each     
# resource limit has two values, a "soft" limit and a "hard" limit.
# The soft limits can be modified during normal system operation, but
# the hard limits are set at boot time.  Their default values are
# in sys/<arch>/include/vmparam.h.  There are two ways to change them:
# 1.  Set the values at kernel build time.  The options below are one
#     way to allow that limit to grow to 1GB.  They can be increased
#     further by changing the parameters:                          
# 2.  In /boot/loader.conf, set the tunables kern.maxswzone,
#     kern.maxbcache, kern.maxtsiz, kern.dfldsiz, kern.maxdsiz,
#     kern.dflssiz, kern.maxssiz and kern.sgrowsiz.           
# The options in /boot/loader.conf override anything in the kernel
# configuration file.  See the function init_param1 in           
# sys/kern/subr_param.c for more details.            

  好像 init_param1() 的東東是不屬 sysctl 管的。可以由 ulimit -a

ps.像我編字型,一個 Unicode 字型那麼大,使用 fontforge,不把 maxdsiz
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