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hz-program 錯了嗎?

1 hz-program 錯了嗎?
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先簡單說一下這是什麼東西。這個技術是為了將文章中內文的兩邊(橫排)切齊(text justification),所以,讓字(glyph)能有限度的延展伸縮的一個演算法。

通常我們為了將文章內文左右兩邊切齊,會有兩種方式,一種是調整字(word)間距,再加上 hyphen 來切斷太長的單字。在 TeX 是兩者並用。但有些文書處理軟體則不用 hyphen,結果將字間距拉得太大,明顯的破壞視覺感受。

而 hz-algorithm 則是進一步的調整 glyph 的寬度,讓兩邊切齊更平整,而且整體內文看起來更均勻。這個在 pdfTeX 1.20 版以後就已經實作出來(指自動調整),現在的 pdfTeX 應該都具備這種功能。在 LaTeX 想要試試看的話,可以使用  microtype package 來做試驗(通常直接引用這個 package 就行了,除非你還想要特殊的微調)。



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2 hz-program 錯了嗎?
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來看看 PDFTeX 的開發維護者 The Thanh Han 的反駁文章:


- the article made objections to some of the points claimed
by URW, Hermann Zapf and others. I more or less agree with
the objections in the article.
- however I do not agree with main intention of the article, ie
to show/prove that glyph scaling leads to reduced quality.
The objections in the article are not convining enough to
me. It only showed that there are some inaccuracies in
what URW/Zapf/Adobe claims. Given the fact that those
claims are made by the authors of the technique, it's
quite normal that the effect/usefulness has been
exaggerated a little bit.
- glyph scaling is only one of the techniques used by
Gutenberg and the hz-program; it's not meant to be the
single silver-bullet that would solve the problem with bad
interword spacing. The hz-program does much more than just
glyph scaling.
- like other techniques, glyph scaling is also a double
edged sword: it can help and also hurt. The users should
be aware of that.
- I use glyph scaling myself and find it useful, especially
when you want to give a bit more flexibility to paragraph
formatting and there is no other possibilities to do so.
The limit I find useful is +/- 2%, but when looking
closely I can also see the effect of glyph scaling at that
limit. I guess -1% to +2% is a better choice.

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