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討論 Groovy 卻波汲 JSP/JSF


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1subject: 討論 Groovy 卻波汲 JSP/JSFPromote 0 Bookmark 02008-03-08quote  

  呵, 看一篇討論 Groovy 在 Web上開發的討論卻波汲 JSP/JSF


Sure, JSF gets the job done, but you are going to have bloated and ugly markup.


這也說出了 JSP 的痛啊 :)

The primary problem with JSP has always been that it mixes too many concerns which encourages bad practices like putting business logic or even data management logic (SQL) in the presentation tier. Mixing concerns also means that the JSP authors have to know a lot about a number of things - layouts, UI design, styles, programming, HTML, etc.


終於有人講 jsp 的好話了:) 突然想到, 還沒寫過 tag files

JSP 2.0 tag files hit the 80-85% mark of what most folks need tag files for. I've never written a normal JSP tag, but I've done dozens of tag files. Trvial ones are trivial to write. A complicated one are straightforward. JSP 2.0 tag files really change the face and use of JSP, IMHO.



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