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Use the photo editor to adjust the color


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AndCamera photo editor can adjust the color of a photo.

Cyan: G+B
Magenta: R+B
Yellow: R+G

white, grey : R=G=B 

Under sunshine and bulb, photos are too yellow (R+G too high)

  • a: lower R+G, this reduce intensity
  • b: increase B, Use B to neutralize R+G, increase intensity and decrease yellow.
  • Use both a+b, it's possible to lower yellow without changing intensity.

Under shadow, photos are too blue (B too high)

  • a: lower B, this decrease intensity.
  • b: Increase R+G to neutralize B, this increase intensity.
  • Use a+b, it's possible to lower blue without changing intensity.

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The first photo is too blue,-B,+R,+G

photo too blue, needs adjustmentphoto after reducing blue

The photo is too yellow, -R,-G, +B

photo too yellow, need adjustmentphoto after adjustment
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