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Swapping heads with AndCamera photo editor app


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  1. Tap多邊形區域選擇, tap 'Handcraft',draw the polygon selection of the head。Use 'Max zoom' to zoom in if necessary。Tap OK to connect the last edge of the polygon and complete the editing.
  2. While the polygon is selected, tap 'Image stamp' button,this will copy the image of the polygon as an image stamp
  3. Enlarge/shrink 'image stamp',adjust position. Adjust 'smooth border' to make the head natural。One of the two dog heads in the example is generated by cloning and flipping. Select a image stamp, Tap 'Copy' & 'Paste' buttons to clone the image stamp. Click 'any angle' to rotate the image stamp.
  4. If a polygon is already converted to an image stamp, and you want to edit the control points. Tap the AndCamera 相片編輯器 多邊形 編輯 button of the image stamp settings. When you tap the button, tap the 'arrow' of the toolbar to switch to zoom mode(+magnifying glass). In this way, when you tap the screen, the polygon doesn't disappear immediately.
Use AndCamera photo editor app to swap heads
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