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New options request for Tabs

1subject: New options request for TabsPromote 0 Bookmark 02010-01-15quote  

Hi dear Tetralet,

 I like LilyTerm over other vte Terminals, I like the configuration file at run time and the cool options it has.

 A little request I would like to see a small close button over each Tab, I have the latest sakura version 2.3.6 that already has this features, so I think it could be very ease to add to LilyTerm.  


I also miss a function to open a new Tab in right click menu when no additional coding is configured, If I add aditional codes configured this option is shown in menu otherwise no option is shown.  I mean I would like to see and option to open new tabs without changing the coding environment or assign a new code in the new tab.


Many thanks for the attention pleased.



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