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evilvte 0.4.5 released

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1subject: evilvte 0.4.5 releasedPromote 0 Bookmark 02009-11-05quote  

Some features I want to put in 0.4.5 are delayed. :-P

I will write them in future release.

 * Support -ls command line option to enable login shell in all tabs
 * Fix an CLOSE_SAFELY bug which was in 0.4.5~pre5 to 0.4.5~pre7
 * Make TAB_LABEL more customizable and support internationalization (i18n)
 * Remove TAB_LABEL_POEM since it can be replaced by TAB_LABEL_CUSTOM
 * Hide DEFAULT_ARGV and DEFAULT_ENVV since they are almost impossible to be
   defined manually.
 * Fix build failure when linked by GNU gold linker
 * Fix an HOTKEY_TOGGLE_BACKGROUND bug which was in 0.4.5~pre3 to 0.4.5~pre6
 * Fix gcc -Wall -Wextra warnings
 * Support TAB_LABEL_DYNAMIC to show current path dynamically
   Thanks to Pavel Plesov
 * Relicense icons to GNU General Public License version 2 with permission
   from the author, Tetralet <tetralet AT gmail DOT com>
 * Merge changes from
 * Remove FONT_SIZE
   You may define font size in FONT option.
 * Improve command line option support
 * Improve hotkey customization a bit
   Please note that almost all CTRL_* in src/config.h are renamed to HOTKEY_*.
 * Limit font size range. Only 1 to 99 are accepted.
 * Detect GTK+ version and disable unsupported options automatically.
 * Fix a displaying bug about toggling scrollbar or status bar.
 * Avoid an GTK+ warning message when TAB_LABEL is customized.
 * Update license to latest format published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * Detect VTE version and disable unsupported options automatically.
 * Enable deprecated VTE functions that were disabled in evilvte 0.4.4.
 * Support environment variable EVILVTE=min to build a minimal usable terminal.
 * Disable deprecated GLib, GDK and GTK+ functions.
 * Fix an CLOSE_DIALOG bug which could destroy the program by accident.
   Thanks to an anonymous guest.
 * Do not remove src/config.o in "make clean"
 * Support "make distclean"
 * Support command line -T option to assign program title.
   You may use -title as before. 
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Thanks for the new release.

In the file evilvte-0.4.5/src/sakura.c, is it possible to have the line 2786 which looks like

    gtk_window_set_icon_from_file(GTK_WINDOW(main_window), ICON_DIR"/evilvte.png", NULL);

replaced by the line

  gtk_window_set_icon_from_file(GTK_WINDOW(main_window), ICON_DIR"/"ICON_IMAGE, NULL);



That way, the good old config.h parameter "#define ICON_IMAGE" that existed in evilvte- will be resurrected!

(And yes, this change also means that ICON_IMAGE must be defined to the defaul value "evilvte.png" at some sensible place in the source).

I'm an addict to having custom icons, so the icon reflects the color scheme of the terminal window (and for each possible host I work with, I use a unique color scheme for background, foreground and cursor color).

If for nothing else, please try to keep this ability to customize (in the config.h file) the window icon to ensure that evilvte continues to be outstanding in the respect of being the ONLY terminal application out there (that I am aware of) which supports BOTH setting separate foreground/background/cursor colors AND specifying a custom window icon!

Best regards


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3subject: Promote 0 Bookmark 02009-11-18quote  

I just added a new option PROGRAM_ICON (not released yet).

My design was to read $HOME/somewhere/foo.bar, like the BACKGROUND_IMAGE option.

Thus, different users may have different icons without rebuild.

And...I believe I never put ICON_IMAGE options in all public evilvte tarballs.

I guess you are using a customized :-)

4subject: Promote 0 Bookmark 02009-11-18quote  

Well, I used a unmodified, actually, and that one contained that ICON_IMAGE option.  Hence my dependance ;-).

Other than modifying (wildly) the config.h file in the release, I did not touch any other files.

If you implement another scheme for selecting/customizing the program icon for evilvte, I suppose that is fine, as long as it does not too strongly expect one user to only use one single program ICON (I use about 20 and counting different icons for evilvte on my work machine).


On another subject: I saw that title changing were implemented, or at least, it appears to be for tab titles according to the source. Personally, being an old fart damaged from using too much xterm in my days, I configure evilvte to not use the tabs at all.  As a end result, my evilvte does never display any changed titles and in my case, the desirable feature would be that the title changes were propagated to the window title directly.

What is the best way to configure this?  A very straightforward solution is to add yet another option: "TITLE_LABEL_DYNAMIC"

By setting that, any changes title changes are propagated to the window title.  If set simultaneously as "TAB_LABEL_DYNAMIC" , well, then both the tab title and the window title will be updated with the new title.

Implementing this option would require quite few lines: there is already a piece of code for setting the window title (used to support the functionality of a static window title), a single oneliner if I understood the code correctly.  Then in the function do_title_changed, some clever #ifdefs can be used to add that oneliner at a good place (and make the two options TAB_LABEL_DYNAMIC and TITLE_LABLE_DYNAMIC coexist peacifully).

Of course, I might have overlooked some pieces of code elsewhere in sakura.c which is related with title management and with it's associated preprocessor variables. But I think I will give this a stab, and see if I can make it work for me.  The main risk as I see it is that I manage to create something that works for me, but which breaks stuff for those who relies on tabs (but I'll do my best to avoid that).


Best regards


5subject: Promote 0 Bookmark 02009-11-18quote  

It worked!

BTW, I were too fast when I named the suggested option in the above text, I decided to call it "WINDOW_TITLE_DYNAMIC" to make it consistent with "TAB_LABEL_DYNAMIC".

Anyway, I got a tiny patch (with the support of "ICON_IMAGE" as a bonus ;) ) for this but how do you want it delivered?  Should I cut and past in this forum, upload it to somewhere, mail it or...?

It is really a small patch, basically changing ca 3 lines and adding another ca 4 lines.

(weee.. now I'm going to recompile all my evilvte instances to include this title bar goodiness! Dynamic window titles are INVALUABLE if you run Gnu screen in the terminal windows...)


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