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Custom cursor + custom icon at the same time... NICE!

1subject: Custom cursor + custom icon at the same time... NICE!Promote 0 Bookmark 02009-08-21quote  

Sure, it is brute force to (recompile) one binary (or entire install) for every server I want to connect to, but what doesn't one do to ensure that every server has it's own combination of foreground, background and cursor color, as well as an icon with matching colors (to make it far easier to alt-tab to the right terminal session).

 Currently, evilvte seem to be the ONLY option if I want the above.  gnome-terminal has had custom cursor color about to happen for a few years but it still has not shown up and to make things worse, they decided to remove the feature of custom icon images... grrr.

I have really tried to find some terminal which allows BOTH custom cursor color AND custom user provided icons (on a per server profile basis) but NO terminal provides it.  Sure, rxvt claims to support custom icons but it refuses to run whenever I tries to activate that command line flag...

I think I can live with a window that refuses to shrink horizontally (but I will be happy the day it is available though) and I have to admit gnome terminal had ONE very useful feature I miss with evilvte: dynamic resizing of the font!  If that could be added I would REALLY appreciate it!

Keep up the good work!

Best regards


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